Senin, 22 September 2014

Some things we do

I love this look when i was wearing T-shirt with black collar. I got this when i was looking for a present for my friend, honestly this Tshirt is for boys and oversized but who cares? i liked it and i decided to bought. I know it will be more cool if i added some bracelets  And dont you see? I also got a new Channel backpack from my dad. Im very glad because this is one of my wishlist on this month.

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Senin, 18 Agustus 2014

à La Mode

What this has only happened to me? when should to hang out, very difficult to determine what to wear and said nothing to wear but the fact is the clothes in the closet stacked, Haha im sure this doesnt happened to me but to all girls! *sorry to vent :p *
Bytheway on this post, i love how Silver & Metallic looks and combine one . And oh you see? there is something different on me, i cut my bangs. The Last time i had a bangs when at grade 2 junior high school.. Usually i used bangs hair clip to took a snap, and yeah that make me curious and wanna see how i look when having a real bangs:3 


Rabu, 16 Juli 2014

Attract the Eye

Hello! long time no see since my last post 'summer breeze'. Im glad im finally in senior high school since saturday ago. i have to prepare anything for my new school and thats make me dont have many time for share new post. Anyway in this post i wore ripped jeans again, its the second time i wore it. You know im so confortable in jeans, especially high waist jeans. 

 Bytheway, i got moschino case from (via instagram) i love it! this case looks so match with my outfit.

Senin, 30 Juni 2014

Summer Breeze

Had this outfit on my computer since one week ago,i wanna share it so bad but sadness i cant because i dont have much time:(
On this post my outfit looks simple than my outfit on the last post. If on the last posted i wear a lot street style and also looks hipster so on this post i just wanna looks simple :p hehe
Bytheway days when I do a photo shoot is too hot but the breeze makes me confortable.
  usually hot weather coincided with gentle breeze will signify rain but it didnt rain untill im done, this hot weather doesnt affect me actually made me confortable and not felt this hot weather. so yeah i enjoyed it!

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Sabtu, 14 Juni 2014


Truly im confused with someone who's like to judge people.
let alone to judge a person by judging only by their cover without assessing the character and advance.
I have met many people like that and certainly i ever felt judged by the others.
most of them who judge me are anonymous in a social media, they judge and vilify me
 and i think maybe they do this bcause they're envy with me or maybe dont get a life. But believe me
it doesnt affect me and scares me too, it actually makes me happy because you paid much attention to my life:P 
So guys if u ever judged by someone u just need to ignore it and leave them alone because they will not stop to finding our fault, either thats true or false:)



Rabu, 28 Mei 2014

Not Elegant but We're Rock

Hey Guys surely you've heard stories about Disney princess like Snow White, Cinderella, The Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzell etc. Right? Their story very amazing in the fairy tale. They  have a beauty face, nice attitude, elegant, and the story always has happy ending. Let me give you know that they have a true story that's very different from what is told by Disney and whether you are still thinking they are elegant after u read the story? haha i think no because i think they're rock and brutal :b btw my shirt in this post about their other side

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and if u wanna read about the story, you can read on the link below
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