Sabtu, 03 Oktober 2015


Hello guys happy sunday. how are you? long time no post on the blog since my last post on february "theres no wrong". Tbh i really really miss to write on this blog but so many obstacles to implement even though in the bottom on my heart i wanna do it , im so sorry. Ok let it pass, at this time im actually  wearing outfit that had been on my mind. When i stopped to think about it and tried to put this look together, this outfit looks very suitable! even though im not sure what inspired me.I just ever seen one of my favorite fashion blogger wearing animal printed tee which is she wore it with her coat. And i found this cat printed tee when i'm tidying up my closet and immediately i though to put this look together. Oh you know why i choose this animal printed tee which is cat? because i really like cat! im also have a cat her name is Dalpo and she's so cute. But unfortunately i forgot to took her pic because previously i didnt think to post it here.

Kamis, 05 Februari 2015

There's no wrong

This is being my first post in 2k15. although it was past, remembering that time like we gonna said happy new year again. On this year i also had to change the bad things on me and move on to something good, and sometimes there is no wrong if we tried to the stuff which is previously has not been we try. Black in my heart now! this black oversized tee was so comfortable, i tried to mix it with my stripes turtleneck shirt that i got from online store. Previously i was thinking to wearing my black ripped knee jeans but my mind was changed, then i tried to combine it with cotton legging which is on the knee's part is latex leather. On this look i wrap my hair like this and the reason why im not parse them is because it will be become pretty hot as a shit thing.