Rabu, 28 Mei 2014

Not Elegant but We're Rock

Hey Guys surely you've heard stories about Disney princess like Snow White, Cinderella, The Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzell etc. Right? Their story very amazing in the fairy tale. They  have a beauty face, nice attitude, elegant, and the story always has happy ending. Let me give you know that they have a true story that's very different from what is told by Disney and whether you are still thinking they are elegant after u read the story? haha i think no because i think they're rock and brutal :b btw my shirt in this post about their other side

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and if u wanna read about the story, you can read on the link below
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Senin, 19 Mei 2014

To Cool for Hell To Hot for Heaven

After i through the National Exam i had a lot of free time, i dont know what im to do. This was boring and I memorized my daily activities, it's like sleeping-eating-sleeping-eating. Because all of that make me boring, finally i find another activity, make a blog for my all activity, outfit, and etc.As previously I was just posting it on my instagram account bcause i dont realy understand how to running a blog and after I had a lot to learn this I decided to rearrange my old blog. So this is my first time, and i hope u all enjoy it. 


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